Stadium Seat-Chair For Bleachers Or Benches

Ideal for watching an event at your children school and sports at large stadiums with bleachers.

Stadium Seat-Chair For Bleachers Or Benches Provides Comfort

This Stadium Seat-Chair For Bleachers Or Benches provides comfort while sitting at places that are notorious for having hard uncomfortable seating, such as concerts and sporting events like football and basketball games. This seat is provided with a backrest and a padded seat which is excellent for the extremely hard benches and bleachers, which will help you avoid having those aching back pains.Stansport Folding Stadium Seat With Arms

Seat Is Constructed With Safety Features

The stadium seat will last for many years with proper care and maintenance. The seat is made with a steel tubular frame that provides lasting durability and strength. A steel hook is installed on the bottom that attaches the seat securely to benches and bleachers, that allows no sliding and slipping of the seat.

The Stadium Seat For Bleachers Have Pocket For Storage

There is nothing more aggravating than to drinking and snacks, but you have nowhere to sit them. This seat takes care of all of that for you. Pockets on the seat provide you with plenty of space for drinks, snacks and other important gear. There is a lower pocket of the front of the seat and a pocket on the backrest.

Stadium Seat Is Compact And Portable

You can store the seat in a compact position due to the seats collapsible design with lock. An adjustable shoulder strap allows you to throw the compact seat over your shoulder, which accommodate for you to carry other gear. The seats open dimensions are 20.8 x 19 x 3 inches and the weight is 4.4 pounds.

Stansport Folding Stadium Seat With Arms


The comfort level that this seat provide and the features that are included for such a reasonable price, I recommend the Stansport Folding Stadium Seat With Arms












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