Heated Stadium Seat Cushions – For Those Ice Cold Bleachers

Sport lovers, if you ever been to an outdoor sporting event and the bleachers were so cold that you couldn’t sit down. There is now an affordable cure for that problem.

Portable Heated Stadium Seat Cushions Are The Answer

These Heated Stadium Cushions Makes a huge difference on those cold benches and bleachers during cold weather. When everyone else is cold and shivering, you can be warm and comfortable. These cushions are also ideal to use while you are camping, fishing, hunting and even while riding in the car.Heated Stadium Seat Cushions

Heated Seat Cushions Provides Warmth And Comfort

These heated cushions are made of 2″ thick foam which forms the inner core which provides the soft padded comfort. The outer cover is made out of polyester which provides water and stain resistance. Heated seat cushion doesn’t get too hot, but it stays at a nice warm temperature.
heated stadium cushion

A Flip Of A Switch Activates The Cushion

Heated stadium seat cushions seat cushion is battery operated. The cushion battery unit fits securely in a zippered pocket. Heated stadium seat cushions seat cushion operates with the use of 3 “AA” batteries. Being battery operated, you can take your heated seat cushion everywhere that you want to stay warm and comfortable.

Heat Cushions Are a Must Have Item For The Winter

Heated seat cushions make a huge difference when you have to sit on those cold metal bleachers and benches. The cushions provide a perfect barrier between the cold metal and you. They are cordless and portable, which allows you to take them anywhere that you may be required to sit on a cold surface.Heated Stadium Seat Cushion

You Cann’t Lose With The Ultimate Comfort It Provides

Stay warm and comfortable when you are out in the winter. Having a and some hand and insole foot warmers really makes being outside in the cold a lot more bearable.


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