Extra Wide Stadium Seats – Comfortable Setting Alternative To Hard Uncomfortable Benches And Bleachers

Introducing a seat that is design for larger people like me, who enjoy being comfortable at sporting events.

Extra Wide Stadium Seats Design With Padded Arms and Back Support

Extra Wide Stadium Seat by Home CompleteThe padded arms and back supports of the Extra Wide Stadium Seats make sitting and watching a long game much more comfortable. Designed to alleviate the back pain that is associated with sitting for long periods of time on hard surfaces without having back support.
When the armrest the seats are 14.5 inches wide. When the seat is used without the armrest it is 20.5 inches wide, that provides the user with a wider sitting and back supporting area.

  Seats Have 6 Reclining Positions


Extra Wide Stadium Seat by Home CompleteMade for durability on a sturdy steel frame with thick padding, Extra Wide Stadium Seats provide the ultimate comfort at any game. The Seat adjust to 6 positions between 90 to 180 degrees for your personal comfort level.

Sporting Event Seats Designed To Work On Any Benches Or Bleachers

Extra Wide Stadium Seat by Home CompleteYou don’t have to sit on those cold hard metal bleachers anymore.
These extra wide memory foam stadium bleacher seats are guaranteed to keep you comfortable for hours at those special sporting events.
These extra wide seats were designed for sporting events, but they are also perfect for use at home, on the beach, on the boat and at picnics.

Extra Wide Stadium Seats Are lightweight And Portable

Extra Wide Stadium Seat by Home Complete

When you are ready to store the stadium you must fold it flat. The set has adjustable shoulder straps which allows you to carry it just like a backpack. The extra wide stadium seat is approximately 17″ wide, 30″ long and 11.4 pounds.


Extra Wide Stadium Seat by Home CompleteOverall, The HOME – COMPLETE EXTRA WIDE STADIUM SEAT FOR BLEACHERS  is the best choice. It’s extremely comfortable, easy to carry and it provides you with sturdy back support which is needed to sit through those long extended events.



















David Gray


  1. Hey, this is very interesting and informative. I have seen a few of these, but not as quality made at this one looks. It looks like it is pretty thick and as well as very comfortable. The layout of the site is basic and to the point which I think is a plus. Captures your attention right from the get-go. Nicely done.

  2. Hey Dave,
    My dad is an avid season ticket holder and is starting to get up there in age.
    I think these will be great for him during those winter games!
    I think I found his birthday gift!


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